i'd rather burn myself down than change the locks.
Chelsea. In college, currently aspiring to be a forensic psychologist. I read way too many books about travelling the world and write poetry to kill some time. I also have a huge crush on Dylan O'Brien. If I could be anyone, I'd probably choose to be Tatiana Maslany or Blake Lively. more about me

The End of an EraOne Still Per Episode | 2x05: The Serena Also Rises


// THE 1975 SINGLES //


"people are so good at things how do i get talent :("



R.I.P. MSN, the only messenger that allowed me to send a giant unavoidable popup of a pig shaking his ass to funky techno music to my conversational partner if they were ignoring me




a woman has twins and gives them up for adoption

one of them goes to a family in egypt and is named amal the other goes to a family in spain they name him juan

years later juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mother. upon receiving the picture she tells her husband that she wishes she also had a picture of amal

he responds “theyre twins if youve seen juan youve seen amal”



Dylan O’Brien attends the Giffoni Film Festival on July 21, 2014

"As we turn the corner, the local bakery is getting its powdered sugar delivered, funneled into the cellar by the barrelful as if it were cement, and we can see nothing but the shadows of the deliverymen in the white, sweet cloud. The street is billowing, and Nick pulls me close and smiles that smile again, and he takes a single lock of my hair between two fingers and runs them all the way to the end, tugging twice, like he’s ringing a bell. His eye­lashes are trimmed with powder, and before he leans in, he brushes the sugar from my lips so he can taste me."Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn.

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7 years ago today the last harry potter book came out 

that is so scary

#she definitely named her daughter with this joke in mind and waited patiently for years for the chance to finally make it